Rate Limiting PHP >= 5.3

create retrieve read update delete post get put filter throttle rate-limiting

How to Rate Limit API access using a Filter class that implements iFilter interface.

This example also shows how to use Defaults class to customize defaults, how to create your own iCache implementation, and how to make a hybrid filter class that behaves differently when the user is Authenticated

Restler API Explorer

Key in r3rocks as the API key in the Explorer to see how rate limit changes

We are progressively improving the Authors class from CRUD example to show Best Practices and Restler 3 Features.

Make sure you compare them to understand.


  1. Using session variables as DB and Cache is useless for real life and wrong. We are using it Only for demo purpose. Since API Explorer is browser based it works well with that.

  2. We are using Author.php to document return type of GET authors/{id} using @return comment

If you have hit the API Rate Limit or screwed up the Authors DB, you can easily reset by deleting PHP_SESSION cookie using the Developer Tools in your browser.

This API Server is made using the following php files/folders

This API Server exposes the following URIs

GET    authors                ⇠ ratelimited\Authors::index()
POST   authors                ⇠ ratelimited\Authors::post()
GET    authors/{id}           ⇠ ratelimited\Authors::get()
PUT    authors/{id}           ⇠ ratelimited\Authors::put()
PATCH  authors/{id}           ⇠ ratelimited\Authors::patch()
DELETE authors/{id}           ⇠ ratelimited\Authors::delete()
GET    resources              ⇠ Luracast\Restler\Resources::index()
GET    resources/verifyaccess ⇠ Luracast\Restler\Resources::verifyAccess()
GET    resources/{id}         ⇠ Luracast\Restler\Resources::get()

We expect the following behaviour from this example.

@example9 @crud Feature: Testing Rate Limiting Example Scenario: Failing to delete missing Author with JSON Given that I want to delete an "Author" And his "id" is 2000 When I request "examples/_009_rate_limiting/authors/{id}?api_key=r3rocks" Then the response status code should be 404

It can be tested by running the following command on terminal/command line from the project root (where the vendor folder resides). Make sure base_url in behat.yml is updated according to your web server.

vendor/bin/behat  features/examples/_009_rate_limiting.feature